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The Sistren

The Sistren
Wednesday, March 5, 2014 - 19:30
£14, £12, £5 for schoolchildren
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Gazebo Theatre Company presents a powerful, funny celebration of women.

Within a much needed pause in time, three extraordinary women are drawn together to give a compelling, funny and moving account of their struggle to make a difference, while dealing with the  daily tribulations of womanhood.

The women are Mary Wollstonecraft (considered to be the founder of modern feminism), Claudia Jones (the mother of the Nottinghill Carnival and founder of the first black British weekly newspaper) and Emma Lloyd Spronson (suffragette and Wolverhampton’s first female councillor).

If you like laughing, crying, history, current affairs, women or hearing the things we all think but never talk about…(men- this will be an eye opener)..this is one exciting new play you won’t want to miss.

An opportunity to celebrate Women's history month 2014.   The audience are invited to take part in a post show discussion.